The new Audi TT

The new Audi TT is the car for the creatives.

An almost wholly design-focused reinvigorated version of the twenty-year-old car by the German auto manufacturer has come to town, breathing a bit of new life into what it means to be the driver of a snappy sports car and also flipping on its head new age technology and perks of an expensive car.

The Audi TT came to Melbourne recently as part of Melbourne’s White Night and put on a show that took the best elements of the car, and threw them right in the public’s face by way of light, sound and excitement.

New Audi TT - THE F - 13

Collaborating with an independent Finnish techno DJ, Audi installed a huge spread of pole lights that beat and pulsated to the tune of the music, reflective of the renowned bubble shape of the Audi TT that they’ve kept as the signature of the familiar sports car.

It worked well with the overall theme of the city for the night, based around the mystical world of Alice in Wonderland, while the Audi exhibition rested right on the shoulder of the White Night creative director’s own space based on a trip down the river Ganges.

The Audi is synonymous with quality German engineering, textures, materials and speeds, that when combined with a beautiful looking car that you spot from a mile off, makes for one hell of an experience.

Granted the luxury of driving the new Audi TT for the White Night weekend, it’s fair to say you never knew you could love European automotive engineering until you sit behind the wheel of a car that has been specifically made for enjoyment.

It’s the first Audi in the car company’s long history that is focussed entirely on the driver. With everything at the flick of a finger or the almost full extension of a carefree arm’s reach, the Audi TT is a particularly responsive, easy-to-use and simply designed piece of technology.

New Audi TT - THE F - 17

With simplicity in mind and elegant, tasteful, minimal but effective design in mind, the Audi TT is sleek, works flawlessly, operates 100 per-cent safely and takes into account all factors of human error that make the driving experience only too enjoyable.

Even for those who hate driving in general; an attitude adjustment isn’t too far off.

New Audi TT - THE F - 9-1

With instantaneous Bluetooth pairing with all devices, an intuitive built-in GPS system that includes a three-dimensional zoom, a completely interactive digital dashboard they so fondly have named the virtual cockpit – a first for Audi –¬†and enough music storage space (over 128GB) to host a house party from the boot for about a week, the car is a four-wheeled dream.

The car’s sleek and attention-grabbing panels and body work have been carefully and with total German safety in mind, been manufactured from durable aluminium, making the car lighter and faster: perfect for the German Autobahns.

New Audi TT - THE F - 15

Though the road rules in Australia don’t extend as generously as those in Europe, if you’re a bit cheeky you’re able to give the Audi TT a fair kick to well over 150kmph without feeling like car is even breaking a sweat.

Engineering at its best, the quattro car (drives with all wheels) will even accelerate from 0-100kmps in 5.3 seconds.

I should know; I did it often.

For the hoons on hand, a retractable spoiler comes in-built. Not recommended for city driving lest for the judgemental eyes of pedestrians.

A phenomenal car that has all bases covered in terms of design, practicality, functionality and aesthetic appeal, the new Audi TT is a treat for a driver whose taste knows nothing but the best.

Coming in at around $77,000, the Audi TT unlike most cars is an investment worth investing in.

New Audi TT - THE F - 5-1

New Audi TT - THE F - 6-1

New Audi TT - THE F - 10-1

New Audi TT - THE F - 14


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