The New Age of Driving: Tyre App Technology

There are many things to check on your car. Although it is so important, for example you sometimes forget about having a look on your tyre pressure. By the way, what is the perfect pressure for my tyre again? To make your life easier found the most useful apps so you and your tyres are always on the safe side. All the apps presented in this article are free, although for some of them there are Pro-Versions.

Tire Expert

What are the differences between the various models? To help you find a way through the jungle of tyres this app is your guide.

Especially if you want to replace your tyres and you want to see what the difference will be Tire Expert is a great help and makes you see much clearer.

Also, it makes suggestions which tyres could be a great replacement for the ones you have right now.

tire expert

Tire Calculator Free

This app also shows you the mathematical differences of your new tyres. All you do is type in the specs of the old and the new tyres.

Then this app tells you how much they differ in size (like radios, height or sidewall height) and if the new tyre you like to choose is recommended as a replacement.

Download the calculator for Android at this link. 

tire calculator

Tire Pressure Calculator

On your pressure gauge there is only a scale for one pressure unit while the tyre manufacturer’s recommendation is in another one? Instead of consulting your physics teacher you can use this app.

It converts instantly your input from one of the most common units KPA (kilo pascal), PSI (pounds per square inch) and kg/cm2  to the others.

Download for Android at this link. 

tire pressure

Gear Tire Calculator

If you change tyres and you want to know how this affects the speed, this is the right app for you. Don’t let you get discouraged if you don’t know the gear ratio of your car – or what that even is – there are presets for most of the cars.

Given the opportunity to compute two options enables you to compare two tyres and see, how the new ones affect the performance of your car.

Download for Android at this link. 


Tyre Wheel History

The purpose of this app is quite simple: To remind you when you changed the tyres on your car. Since the period between two tyre changes is quite long it is very easy to forget, when the last change has been.

To not be in danger of having an accident because of bad tyres, a quick look on this app let’s you know when the last change was. Even if you use multiple tyres for one car that is not a problem, since you can save options for multiple sets of tyres.

Download for Android at this link. 

wheel history

Using all these apps shall help you to keep your tyres safe or find the right choice if you want them comfortably online, for example at Still, no app can replace the judgement of experts. So in case of insecurity please ask someone to help you.


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