The Lindeman Gentleman’s Collection

Making wine for a millenial generation, Lindemans has released its latest and most relatable drop to-date; the Gentleman’s Collection.

Lindeman’s as a wine label has continued its crusade against cheap drinking, nasty behaviour and lack of chivalry, flipping these common-day traits on their head in honour of their latest project. From its early Australian foundations in the 1800s, sophisticated drinking of a fine drop has remained their goal, appealing to the gentleman who is and the gentleman who wants to be. This is a drink for all, reserved for appreciation by those with syle.

With each bottle comes a label that features prominently the keys to style, gentlemanly drinking and how to go about life as the person people want to be. Check it out when you get a chance.

An appreciation of good wine is an essential part of any gentlemanly mix and they’re looking forward being the driving force behind that for the next generation in the most stylish way possible.

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