The LG Tab Book and Ultrabook

Tablet computers just keep getting cooler and cooler.

Recently LG unveiled its latest additions to its busting arsenal of electronic goods: two new Hybrid PC products; the Z160 and H160 Tab-Book, and the Z360 Ultrabook.

According to LG, computer users are always on the hunt for innovative ways to view and consume while on the go. To address this, their hybrid PC offers a pretty interesting convertible computer than can be used as either that or a tablet.

On the other hand, the LG Tab-Book range features a great portable option and is a range away from other Hybrids on the market. The slim and light LG Tab-Book features a precise 5-point multi-touch screen that pops up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard for instant typing action.

Its ‘one touch’ auto sliding design, created by LG’s creative team enables users to quickly and smoothly switch between tablet and notebook configurations with the touch of a button – making it ideal for those who like the portability of a tablet without sacrificing the option of a keyboard.

Basically, a great addition to the world of geekery.

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