The Hoyts Lux Experience

Cinema experiences can be overrated. Everybody goes to the movies – it’s a weekly or monthly thing to do when there’s nothing else do to. Uncomfortable seats, and the standard drink and popcorn menu can get pretty monotonous.

Turn your ordinary big screen outings into something a little extra special with Hoyts new LUX cinema in Victoria Gardens shopping centre, Richmond. You know there’s something a little extra special when you are escorted through a private entry into the swanky bar, where you can relax and have a couple of drinks beforehand. Think warmly-lit layouts, and a groovy edge. The café and bar menu is quite generous, with top-shelf wine, spirits and cocktails.

Comfy recliners await which are adequately spacious, with an attached wooden table to place drinks and meals. Complimentary popcorn and soft-drink await. A light and service button are at your fingertips and the catering is impeccable. Choose from meat or vegetarian meals – the falafel mini burgers are scrumptious. Gourmet delights and more drink menus are available. The wine list is internationally renown, and will be served at the time of your choice. This all makes a pretty decent meal while watching the movie of your choice.

This is especially good for couples because the setting of the recliners gives a sense of modest privacy while still enjoying the movie on the huge screen. The screen, by the way, is massive. Feel yourself get immersed into the movie settings even more so than your normal cinema screen, which makes a premium cinematic experience. Settle back in ultimate comfort and enjoy the unobstructed movie viewing treat.

Come out feeling relaxed and looked after, and you know you’ve had the LUX experience.

Find the cinema here.

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