Durabase mat flooring

The future of flooring: Durabase Matting

It’s called ‘black gold’ by many, has made the Middle East one of the most prized regions on the face of the earth and is something Australia is still capitalising on in its own way: oil. Without it – and more importantly without the capability to reach and farm it – the world and Oz wouldn’t be quite as we know it.

Oil farming as an industry and a practise has been kept alive for long enough thanks in large part to JWA Oilfield Supplies, who produce the most durable flooring in the world, allowing the industry (and many others that use their product) to just keep on keepin’ on.

Established in 2002, JWA actively works on major energy and infrastructure projects in the region of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and much more of the APAC region with their range of products, most notably their Durabase bog mats.

The exclusive distributor for the Asia-Pacific region, JWA has brought over 25,000 Durabase mats into its area of operations covering over 200,000sqm of area. That’s a lot of matting.

In Australia, JWA has depots in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth allowing their customers a delivery point for all the major onshore oil and gas fields in country. Which is handy when you think of the mammoth undertakings by some of their clients that are out there: Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Origin, Woodside, Rio Tinto and Halliburton just to name a few.

It’s basically exactly as the name suggests: mat flooring that is about as heavy duty as you can get, allowing huge multiple-tonne trucks and working vehicles to drive with ease over them in sort of a make-shirt road where otherwise rain, wind and natural hazards might make access more difficult. You can imagine how helpful this is! It’s been jointly developed with the US military with over 16 years of major project experience to show for, meaning Durabase is the premier composite ground protection mat solution in the market.The flooring is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) along with a blend of proprietary mix of UV stabilisers and static dissipaters, Durabase provides a solid, continuous solid surface to work from.

Check out some of the videos of it doing its thing below!




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