The Emerson Grand Prix Party

The exclusive rooftop at The Emerson played host to the Johnnie Walker Grand Prix Penthouse Party on the eve of the 2015 Australian F1 Grand Prix.

From the get-go, the party boasted lavish settings and all the glamorous people to go along with it, in a night that celebrated the event that brings Melbourne onto the world stage. And what better way to celebrate than with the smooth blended Scotch whisky of Johnnie Walker?

The producer of the red, blue, black, and gold label blended Scotch whisky’s has always been an old favourite, but for a drink that generally goes in-hand with the phrase “on the rocks” it was a pleasant surprise to have our old favourite served up mixed and twisted with lime, vanilla, and apple in crisp cocktails whipped up by the charming staff at The Emerson who playfully donned the Johnnie Walker top hat and petticoats for the occasion.

The rooftop at The Emerson offers something truly unique with its stunning views of the CBD and its relaxed vibe. Wooden decking and sunbeds take the outdoors indoors, and provides a sophisticated playground for patrons.

With a big screen TV replaying the highlights of the days racing at Albert Park, the rooftop offered the racing nuts something to get their engines revving, and catered for the ones who don’t like to sacrifice sophistication for sport – but enjoy the two!

Spanning three levels, The Emerson is a labyrinth of playful spaces and sophisticated settings. What better place to host the exclusivity and luxe that comes along with the Grand Prix?

The Emerson Grand Prix party, Melbourne, THE F 1

The Emerson Grand Prix party, Melbourne, THE F 2



The Emerson Grand Prix party, Melbourne, THE F 3







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