The Dyson Hot+Cool AM09 Makes Summer & Winter Easy

Dyson is seriously upping the ante lately. It’s something about the constant development their group of hundreds of engineers work on each day of every year and the fact their innovation keeps improving out of sight with each new model. Or it could just be that the brand has worked its way since inception to be so synonymous with luxury and top-tier living.

If their latest model, the Hot+Cool AM09 is anything to go by, this is bang on.

The AM09 is the latest range in the Dyson bladeless generation that is compact, but all kinds of powerful with all the options, you’re almost spoilt for choice. As far as fans go. It rocks the standard Dyson bladeless technology, which is always impressive, but with the option for either a more focused, centred jet of air for an individual or a wide-set jet for heating and cooling an entire room, everything has been thought of. It works by air being released from a jet and accelerated over an airfoil-shaped ramp to produce a narrow flow of air. For whole room use a second jet of air joins the first, broadening its angle, to produce a wide stream of powerful air.

The size of the Dyson Hot+Cool fan means it’s easy to move, store and operate which is only overshadowed by the fact that as the name suggests, it both heats and cools depending on your surroundings. Life is complete. The AM09 is now 75% quieter than AM05 due to improved airflow pathways and a new aerodynamic diffuser, which simplifies the path the air takes, reducing unnecessary turbulence.

Basically the fan is small but powerful, quiet, effective, both heats and cools and is just something that everyone needs in their life.

The Dyson Hot+Cool AM09 fan is valued at $699.00 from leading lifestyle and electronic retailers.




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