The DeLonghi Baristaless Cafe Has Hit Sydney

It’s 6 in the morning. The sun has not risen. Winter has most certainly come and it’s relentless cold and dark ways are making the morning routine exceedingly difficult. All and sundry are walking around in a daze.

We know there is still hope. Our one shining point of stability, the nectar that softly calls our name, dear, reliable, precious coffee sits reverently on the shelf. Of course at this exceptionally early hour we can only but manage instant coffee.

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The brain can surely not be expected to handle anything else. But no! You put too much water to coffee and ratio is decidedly laid waste, it is a watery disappointment. Or, too much coffee is mixed in and after realizing that both your palate and dreams are singed by the flavour intensity, why the hour, it can seem to be final one.

Despair could foreseeably be understood to grace all our morning schedules if we left ourselves vulnerable to such travesties. But no, that is not the end of the story. DeLonghi knows what’s what and they haven’t come empty handed.

After wondering whether I’d put any coffee my espresso to rendering my palate incapable of taste for a morning, when I heard that DeLonghi was bringing its new ‘Primadonna Elite’ coffee machine to Sydney, I thought I’d meander along to see if the hype was substantiated and whether Monday morning would be do-able again.

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I suspiciously eyed the machine. Barista-less adorned the banner overhead. I looked to my left and right. No suave baristas with moustaches were frothing milk, grinding coffee beans or painstakingly judging the coffee to water ratio. The attendant pointed, “Yes, just push that button, it works with just the touch of a button”. There’s nowhere to hide with a long black, so I intrepidly pressed that button, feeling that Wonka was about to pop up somewhere. The machine softly whirred and went about its business. The next moment the nectar was pouring out. I took a sip. And yes, Monday mornings were to be saved.

I delved further into the details. The machine, possessing the magical capabilities (that engineers call exceptionally stellar mechanics) can prepare 16 different beverages. With the opportunity to adjust strength, temperature and milk ratios, every particular family member would be able to have their needs met.

Easy to use, clean and manage, this machine could be wielded by even the most technology averse. The Primadonna Elite grinds your coffee beans, froths the milk and creates an aromatically edifying cup of joy for that wintry morning.

For those amongst us who seem to command technology and software with an elegant flourish of the thumb, there’s more. One can download the DeLonghi app on a smart phone and sync it to your machine. Working within a 10 m radius, you need only open your eyes but a little and voila, the nectar, it is a brewed.

Allowing countless customizations and with a simple interface, syncing capabilities and stellar mechanics, the Primadonna Elite is set to be a staple in the home. Starting at just $3,000, it is sure to live up to every dollar and more.

You need never be alone on those wintry mornings again! Get thyself your half strength, soy, extra hot latte – 2.3 sugar you’ve been craving.

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