The Cut Throat Club Makes Wet Shaving Easy

As anyone who shaves daily with a disposable razor knows – keeping your face smooth and stylish can be a chore. Throwing out safety razors after only a single use can also be expensive and damaging to the environment.

Wet shaving with a straight razor is the classy solution by turning a daily chore into luxurious fun.

Cut Throat Club THE F shaving guide,

A quality straight razor will last for years if sharpened regularly and gives the closest possible shave every single day. Using a cut throat razor also makes a man appear more debonair by shaving in the traditional manner of gentleman for centuries.

Cut Throat Club has made switching from disposable razors to straight razors easy by offering complete beginners packages including all the equipment the budding gentleman needs – including a razor, brush, and a leather strop all within an Australian made wooden box. Launched out of Western Australia in 2015 the Cut Throat Club has already helped many young men improve their look and style.

Wet Shaving close

One of the most common problems was people interested in wet shaving would purchase cheap, blunt razors that wouldn’t give the desired results and immediately turned people off the idea. The Cut Throat Club specializes in high quality, German manufactured razors guaranteed to make your first shave successful and enjoyable.

Wet shaving has been booming in recent years as more and more people are throwing away their final disposable razor and picking up the last razor they will ever need.

Cut Throat Club THE F shaving guide,

This is a sponsored post. The author, Russ Egan is a straight razor enthusiast who is looking to spread the benefits of wet shaving by offering Australian straight razor kits through the organisation he founded, Cut Throat Club. 




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  1. Straight Razors are the way to go! Love them.