The Critical Slide Society’s Jacob Pedrana Reveals Top Winter Surf Spots

Winter is a hard gig for some. It’s cold, rainy and grey.

But, to others like the guys at The Critical Slide Society it means snow and to some it means joy; that’s me. I love this time of year!

Through the winter months in Sydney, strong low pressure systems whip around the corner of Tasmania and grace us East siders with long period south groundswells.

Not to mention icing the top of the slopes. Time to pack the chariot with boards, rubber (wetsuits, preferably thick) and patience. To go north or south? Leave it up to the co-pilot! After all it’s about having fun with your mates and arguing about where will be better to surf?

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Here are a few of my favourite spots to turn to when the charts align:

1. Treachery: Two and a bit hours north of the Sydney. Throw a left at ‘the lakes way’ and follow your nose. A fun beach break that works better in small south swells. Nor-east winds are offshore, but remember to respect the locals.

2. Voodoo: A left reef break that works better in plus size surf. Only forty-five minutes from Sydney! Pack a step-up and a can of energy drink and you’re fine. Carefully time your jump off the rocks and once again respect the residents.

3. Burning Palms: It’s in the Royal National Park just south of Sydney. Follow a long hike to a perfect little beach break set-up. Take your partner and if you don’t score waves then stroll around the corner to the south and swim in the legendary Figure 8 Pools. Tick! ??

4. Crescent Head: A must stop on your journey north to Noosa. There are plenty of good beach breaks and point breaks in the area depending on sand movement. Have a beer at the country club and play true detective with the locals, where the best waves will be the next morning. Hands down the best bakery on the east coast! Crescent Head has ‘the lot’.

5. Merimbula: Plenty of amazing set-ups and warm B&Bs. Hit the slopes for half the day then an afternoon slide for a challenge!

6. Bondi Beach: After driving around all morning looking for good waves with out any luck. Go home. There’s more than likely a perfect little bank to share with the multitudes. I personally have had some of my most memorable surfs in the south corner backpackers rip. Yah! No lie.

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  1. Paul says:

    Jacob rips! Met him in Indonesia a few times, you don’t see him much ….he’s always getting barreled!!