The Christiaan Georgio Experience

Nestled inconspicuously beside the grand door to the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, sits the modestly fit-out but impactfully presented premium hair salon, Christiaan Georgio.

Greeted by the man himself, who for the past 25 years has been travelling the world cutting and styling hair for the regular to the rich and famous, Christiaan Georgio and his salon do their best in making their clientele feeling every bit as important as their shadowy hospitable overlord would have it.

Dark wood floors and features accentuated with stunning gold coloured bench tops, wall details and shelving are stunning upon first impression. Cast your eye further afield to each of the six salon chairs – made bespoke for the hair stylist on request – it’s hard not to notice the full length mirrors that reflect each seat onto itself.

There’s a clear emphasis on a stylised salon. With no shelving that crosses the clear view of the mirrors, no clunky instruments cluttering drawers and no precious space taken-up by anything arbitrary, the salon gives the immediate atmosphere you’d expect.

With a deep rooted history in hair and salons, Georgio’s work is as well recognised as the best of them. Friendly conversation, warm gestures and coffee good enough to rave about are all small touches that in this day and age do not go unappreciated when walking into the land of the premium.

Having opened his newest and final salon in Melbourne on Russell Street a mere nine weeks ago, the Christiaan Georgio name has reached its final destination. Work in Hong Kong, Mumbai and Australia for Georgio’s long but fruitful career have meant this new salon and its burgeoning team of soon-to-be six will be the lifeblood of the hairdresser’s namesake and the bastion of his brand.

Christiaan Georgio Salon 2

Christiaan Georgio Salon 4

Christiaan Georgio Salon 7

Christiaan Georgio Salon 5

Christiaan Georgio Salon 3

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