The Bar That Jack Built

Jack Daniels is for the people. So to celebrate such a historic event as the birth of the man who founded a whiskey brand that is so ingrained into the tastes of Australian drinkers, they’ve overtaken the whole month of September.

No one knows when Jack Daniels was born, apparently, so the month is his own. Last year saw the Australian branch of the business build a bar in Sydney in celebration of the whiskey’s birthday and to allow for the enjoyment of its most loyal drinkers.

This year, September 2015 saw the same campaign, only this time trucked around the country by Mack Trucks to rural and far reaches of Australia to allow Jack’s most avid fans the opportunity to build their own Bar That Jack Built.

By celebrating the completion of the whiskey project in both Melbourne and Sydney at the end of the dedicated month, Jack Daniels has even further cemented itself in Australian culture as the go-to for a good time.


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