The Australian Burlesque Festival

The art of burlesque is all about the tease, and The Big Tease is a night like no other, filled with mystery, confidence and a hell of a lot of sex appeal. Held at the Metro Theatre and part of the Australian Burlesque Festival, which is the world’s largest touring burlesque festival, The Big Tease was all about the glamour with national and international burlesque stars thrilling the audience with their sultry moves and incredible costumes.

The hostess with the most you’ve ever seen, Aurora was entertaining, fun and in control of a set of vocals that blew the audience away. Introducing the acts and belting out a couple of tunes, Aurora was wildly interactive, and well, just a bit wild.

Opening the show was UK headliner Vicky Butterfly, who floated on stage. Her background of ballet and circus shone through as she gracefully moved around the stage with her incredible feathered wings. She later caused an eruption through the audience as she hit the stage with a cape filled with coloured lights and moved through the darkness, her wings illuminating her fabulous figure.

Straight from the Vegas scene, Miz Charlamay is the bendy babe of burlesque. Jaws dropped as the American babe bent her body in ways that the average person couldn’t even imagine as she ditched the 1950s housewife for her inner sex symbol. Winner of Miss Burlesque 2014 Zelia used the Lyra as her weapon of choice, stripping down to a sparkly little outfit from the hoop that hung in the air. Her jungle inspired routine was fun, frisky and a little bit scary as she hung upside down while shimmying off her monkey suit.

Other headliners of the night included Lila Luxx, who channeled her inner Anne Boelyn, the pioneer of burlesque and the festival director, Dolores Daiquiri, who showed us her juicy watermelons and the Strawberry Siren, who has been nicknamed ‘The Tarantino’ of burlesque, both sexy and dangerous. The Strawberry Siren showed us just how dangerous she really was with her movie scene inspired finale that involved a cigar, some whiskey and a shower. You can only imagine the trouble she caused with that sexy close to an amazing night.

In a night of feathers, low lighting and glitter dust, The Big Tease did not disappoint, spurring on the enthusiastic crowd with a range of sultry performances and thrilling skill. The Australian Burlesque Festival next shimmies their way into Byron Bay before hitting Brisbane, Darwin and Canberra later this year.

Dolores Daiquiri


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