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You wouldn’t think that soap would be the most exciting thing to write about; but then you hear of this Aromatherapy Company brand of soaps and products that make products for men and immediately, your perceptions change.

Soap is awesome!

Especially when it smells like this. Even for the most bloke of blokes, you’ve got to admit the naturally inspired and organically sourced scents that the brand offers is stirring at least.

The Aromatherapy Company’s natural soap bar, face cream and shaving cream are made with sandalwood and cypress and have been done so since the early 90s.

Manufactured in New Zealand and sold all over from one side of the ditch to the other, The Aromatherapy Company is all about natural ingredients that work for the skin, not against it; adding small additions like poppy seeds to really work some magic.

For anywhere between $15-$30 from a multitude of places around Australia, it’s only too easy to make the next best investment into any bloke’s bathroom cupboard.

See some top online retailers on their website.

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