The anatomy of a tie

A tie is the finishing touch of a man’s outfit.

An outfit without one at an occasion that calls for it is nothing short of less than ordinary. Pick the right one and you not only stand out from the crowd, but express yourself in a way that most don’t get the opportunity on a daily basis by a colourful embellishment so close to your own focal point.

Socially or professionally, the trend of tie-wearing is a great resurgence. Casual workplaces are turning a corner with the new generation of men who are looking for stylish, tailored clothing with a touch of contemporary colour. These men have an attention to detail and are looking for quality pieces to make a statement.


When next shopping for a tie, some important elements to keep in mind are:

 The shell which holds everything in place must be made using jacquard woven silk

– The self-loop provides support for the narrow end of the tie keeping it in place. To distinguish quality, the material should be as the shell

– A bar tack is a stitch made to strengthen a potential weak spot on a tie. It should be thick and sturdy

– Only high end ties use a pure wool interlining which ensures the tie keeps its shape and drape

– The pure silk tipping is made with jacquard woven silk, as the shell and self-loop. Ideally, hand stitched to the shell

– A tension thread is the loop of thread that is at the back of the small end of the tie. It is designed to relieve the tension that runs through the spine of the entire tie as the tie is put on and taken off

– An open end is at the back of each end of a tie. It is a feature of fine tailoring and a mark of quality

Quality tie elements

Woven excellence, technical design interpretation and creative insights are fundamentals to the Edwin Pireh tie collection. The opportunity to work alongside their silk mill in England, who has been producing fine fabrics for over 300 years, provides an inspiration that complements the Edwin Pireh brand. The collaboration incorporates the finest quality and workmanship available to deliver luxury handmade ties.

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