Test driving the MINI Paceman

When the open road beckons, a weekend out of the hustle and bustle that is Melbourne calls and the rev of a Cooper S MINI invites you to the driver seat, naturally, you go with it.

So that’s what I did when MINI Australia offered their latest addition to the MINI family of seven, the MINI Paceman, to me for a weekend of sweet escapism.

MINI has always been synonymous with packing a large punch in a small package. This car is definitely no different, though they’ve added quite the new slant on things. With all the hallmarks of the MINI brand – the big speedometer in the centre of the dashboard, push-button start and cute boxy silhouette, the car is by all accounts a standard MINI with a lick of a new look. Until you get in the driver’s seat.

The MINI Paceman’s torque, optional all wheel drive and zippy everything makes for an awesome driving experience – and certainly grabs lots of attention, which is always nice.

Throwing it around the corners of the Great Ocean Road on the way to and from Lorne, I got to experience the car for what it’s worth – a higher performance MINI, made only more dynamic and economical by its sleek indentations and beetle-like aerodynamics.

Despite its cleaner and more sleek look, MINI Paceman has spared no expense when it comes to capitalising on all the space it has available to it. The inside is plush, roomy and comfy, while all the creature comforts like drink holders, Bluetooth, sensory wipers and other bits and pieces make driving it a breeze.

It was quite funny to look at something that is typically so small stand out so proudly from the thousands of other cars you see on the road and in car parks. It’s a chunky beast of a car that at first glance looks deceivingly small. How MINI manages to keep that up is a wonder.

Made with ergonomics in mind, the contours of the car both inside and out help it fit seamlessly into a busy weekend of starting, stopping, eating and shopping. Easy door handles, a simple keyless start (again with the push-button ignition), and a very cool interior lighting addition that can be changed to match the time, setting and mood make for a car that is simply a mobile extension of one’s awesomeness.

Not to mention the boot space, which for someone who enjoy splurging as much as I do was a godsend.

For more on the MINI Paceman, see the website: minipaceman.com.au

Thanks to MINI Australia, BMW Australia and Ogilvy for the opportunity.

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