Teeth Whitening In Sydney At Pure Smile Is So Easy

Teeth whitening is a big deal. For those with a shocker of a mouth of teeth to those who were genetically blessed; everyone likes a pearly white smile that makes friends and family want to smile back, while the date across the table goes weak at the knees.

Here’s how to get it…

Visit Pure Smile in Sydney.

They’re located in a few shopping centres around town, but the salon in Broadway Shopping Centre just near Chippendale is one of the easiest to get to. Central, simple and clean, the Pure Smile set-up in that Broadway Shopping Centre is private, though located right in the walkway of general shoppers.

Sitting in an egg sofa, you’re secluded from the world. The technician will look at your teeth, assess your current colour and estimate the shade to which your teeth will transform. This is where the excitement kicks-in.

Then, by fitting your mouth with a retractor (not a good look, but thankfully you’re privately hidden), you self-apply the Pure Smile clinical whitening gel. A mix of peroxide and other key ingredients, the minty-flavoured gel lines all teeth on the outward-facing side. A blue UV light is then shone three times for 20 minutes each using the same method to get that Pure Smile finish.

For $150, the whole process takes only 75 minutes and is noticeable immediately.

Visit them at puremsile.com.au and find locations that work for you.

Reportage in a smile bar in Paris, France. Teeth whitening involves applying a whitening paste using a special mouthpiece, then exposing the teeth to a LED lamp which sets off the whitening process.




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