Ted Baker Spring-Summer 2015

Ted Baker’s SS15 menswear and womenswear collections are an escape into a fanciful selection that bursts into life with flashes of bold print, strong textured fabrics and vivid colours. Titled “Pinch Me”, the collection was presented at Andrew Boy Charlton pool Sydney and the location choice was reminiscent of the warm and hazy mood as captured in the lookbook and the set-up cleverly reflected the vibrant colours and prints.

The menswear selection is a paradise of striking colour blocks and bold hues and prints in camouflage and leopard, printed onto accessories and footwear. This season, Ted Baker continues its smart-yet-stylish approach with relaxed layers, casual knitwear and smart, formal pieces. The distinct trait that differentiate clever menswear design is detailing and Ted Baker knows how to inject details into its clothing and accessories to give consumers that point of difference. What seemingly appears to be a pair of regular chinos showcases a thoughtful contrast when the hem is turned out.


The womens selection abounds with punchy pinks, pretty pastels, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nudes and floral motifs, modern graphic and tropics prints finish the dreamy yet glamorous collection.
The collection’s elegant elements and modern twist allow the modern women to look classy, relevant and playful while the refined yet contemporary shapes give the wearer an effortlessly sophisticated pizzazz. The accessories and footwear are adorned with colours, prints and embellishments that exudes playfulness without screaming ostentatious.
Ted Baker’s approach for SS15 looks towards its British roots and the result is wearable clothing with a sense of quirkiness and twist. So get lost with Ted Baker’s SS15 and let your imagination run away with you.


Ted Baker spring summer 2015 Pinch Me, THE F 4



Ted Baker spring summer 2015 Pinch Me, THE F 2



Ted Baker spring summer 2015 Pinch Me, THE F 3




Ted Baker spring summer 2015 Pinch Me, THE F 5



Ted Baker spring summer 2015 Pinch Me, THE F 6


Ted Baker spring summer 2015 Pinch Me, THE F 7






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