Ted Baker Australia opens in Queensland

When Sir Thomas Brisbane set-up the first planetarium in the southern hemisphere, I’ll bet he didn’t expect his little step in history would be the inspiration for a new retail instalment in his city’s namesake, Brisbane.

Ted Baker London is a relatively new venture in Australia that has just expanded to their fifth store in Indooroopilly, Queensland at newly refurbished Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Celebrating stargazing and the rudimentary equipment used in Victorian astronomy, the store plays irreverently on the majesty of deep space and features some typical quirky Ted Baker-esque design features and details all through the store that make it one of the more interesting shopfronts through the Centre’s new extension.

Designed to look like an 18th century planetarium orrery, the store makes features of apertures and globes, while the fitting rooms’ wallpaper depicts a BIG BANG in all its glory, complete with decadent and illuminating colours.

Stocking Ted’s spring-summer 2014 collection in time with the northern hemisphere, this new Ted Baker store has a leg-up on the rest of the country and offers some dazzling pieces in men’s and women’s clothing inspired by circus time merriment.

If you’re in Queensland, check it out. If you’re not, the photos will have to do.

See more at tedbaker.com

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 10

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 7

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 2

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 6

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 3

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 5

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 14

Ted Baker Indooroopilly - 1

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