Take me to Peru

There’s always been something about Latin America that I’ve found alluring. I doubt I’m alone. From the mysterious nature and undiscovered world of the Amazon to the mystic and mysterious hills of the east, the South American slab of the world is something that every Australian should jump ship to, if only for a time.

Peru and the Peruvian lifestyle is none other than just that and something that with 20,000 years of history, you know packs a massive punch to the cultural receptors.

Bringing a whole lot of first world charm to a country whose history extends well past the inception of Jesus, Peru has joined the 21st century in a very big way and now brings to international tourism a great offering, rivalling some of the most exotic locations in the world.

From the hills of the legendary city Macchu Picchu, to the fortresses and ancient history of the last Inca natives, Peru is such a rich, fascinating melting pot of Spanish influence-meets-native existence that has made over centuries, one of the most colourful and edgy cultures I’ve ever been enticed by.

There’s a really cool video made by ‘Marca Peru‘, the Peruvian tourism board, that showcases some of the coolest parts of the Peruvian culture, landscape, cultural outfits, sights to see… everything! It’s here, Peru and does its own little part in lighting a bit of a fire in your belly to explore further afield past the beaten paths of Europe and the US to somewhere just as culturally rich and a whole lot more diverse.

Peru holiday Macchu Picchu

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