Take a look inside my Media Bag

Having worked in PR agencies around Melbourne, I know all too well the usefulness and practicality of having an online service that acts as a mass call out service from which to source sources for stories and case studies.

Such a service is aptly named SourceBottle.

My fellow blogger, journalist and PR friends will be all too familiar with it, but basically, it’s a service that was founded by Rebecca DerringtonĀ that connects those in media that want a source from which to base or compile a story. After subscribing for free, those who are interested in becoming ‘sources’ become all too familiar with emails prefaced with “Journalist seeks…” or “Blogger wants…” in e-mail headings.

The purpose however, is definitely served.

The same woman has recently taken it upon herself to expand the unique offering of SourceBottle and create a new extension of the principle to something called The Media Bag.

Working with the same understanding, bloggers, journalists and anyone that can provide some sort of review or media coverage for a product or service register for the service.

After having registered, they select a range of topics of interest that they’d prefer to receive information on. This can be pertaining to product samples or services they would like to review. In turn, media agencies can target these and pitch them to relevant parties, meaning those interested will only receive information they’re actually interested in.

It’s such a great filter and provides some brilliant suggestions for those of us constantly on the hunt for new and interesting content.

Get on it.

To register…

Visit this page, but you must meet these eligibility criteria:

  1. You must have an Alexa.com ranking of less than one million, more than 5,000 subscribers to your blog, or a readership circulation of more than 10,000 people.
  2. You must review products and services in the categories you select.
  3. You must not request payment for reviews.

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    Nice writing j, your stuff is easy to read, not full of crap, ;)