Leaving my Tailor’s Mark

In the era of bespoke tailoring and custom-made everything, getting your cut through in a market that’s growing faster than day turns into night must be a pretty hard slog.

You need something unique, something that offers quality and service over quantity and the answer to a quick fix.

Tailor’s Mark is one of those little guys who’s found its way into big boy shoes very, very quickly. Already well into their second year of operation as both an online and one-on-one consultancy business in Melbourne, in addition to their operation across the world, the custom made tailoring service is kicking goals in the bespoke market.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Tailor’s Mark co-founder Rob Fisher to their new Australian HQ in Prahran with my very own style consultant for a chat about the business and where it’s been, where it’s going and for a look under the bonnet of what makes their company Tailor’s Mark leave such a mark on the men’s and women’s fashion industry.

It’s not often on a Saturday morning you expect to walk into an office space and be greeted with such professionalism and poise outside of office hours. Always willing to go above and beyond it seems it the MO for this growing Australian tailoring business.

Rob Fisher and Mia van Rompaey, one of the many Tailor’s Mark personal style consultants weren’t short of a word or two on something they’re so obviously completely infatuated with: tailoring.

Rob’s determination it seems to get the cut through that such a comprehensive tailoring business as this deserves knows no bounds, which he made clear time and time again with the explanation of where the company’s future lies.

Predominantly successful in overseas markets where men are willing to be more experimental in their garment choices and women even more so know what they like, Tailor’s Mark has relocated to a cosey corner side office in Melbourne’s Prahran from where they’re driving their personal one-on-one tailoring and online sales that have proven in recent months to take off nicely.

With a turnaround time of what seems like the blink of an eye in personalised tailoring (three weeks), Tailor’s Mark is doing everything right from their very sophisticated – in comparison to other businesses’ mechanisms I’ve seen – online measuring, recording and ordering system to their selection of both conservative and leery fabric designs and detailed options and extras.

I was impressed with the distance to which their service reaches, the number of customer’s they serve and the computer-based algorithms that exist to ensure every customer receives a shirt that not only takes into account their body size and shape, but what they do with it day-to-day.

Tailor’s Mark has hit the mark in my book.

See their website and make your own account at tailorsmark.com.au

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  1. Jake A says:

    Love this look! I just started a fashion and style blog so this is very inspiring.
    – Jake