Japanimation: The video series featuring AC Milan by Toyo Tires & Rubber

Toyo Tires AC MIlan Manga

It’s not every day the world’s greatest soccer teams are tossed over to the brilliant minds of Japanese animators, but when they are, you know you wanna see. AC Milan has been ‘Japanimated’ thanks to the TOYO TIRE & RUBBER Co. Ltd., who have partnered with creator Yoichi Takahashi to create the pretty impressive animation […]

Why you need to take a holiday to Okinawa in Japan ASAP (sponsored)

Okinawa Japan Nuchugusui snorkelling couple

Remember that Japan bubble that took hold of Australia in 2017? It’s still going strong and there is officially more reason than ever to book a ticket and visit a little known, but worth-the-trip prefecture of Japan called Okinawa. South of the Japanese mainland, the little island of the Rising Sun is taking all sorts […]