Valentine’s Day: watch the stars under the stars at the Sunset Cinema Sydney

Sunset Cinema North Sydney THE F 1

Because it’s summer and because you can, the Sunset Cinema in North Sydney has Valentine’s Day sorted. Perched under the stars with a sweeping view of Sydney from the north, the Sunset Cinema is serving-up all the romance you need this Valentine’s Day by airing the heart-wrenchingly soppy Ghost, complete with beanbags, pop-corn and all the […]

What a date night at the Sunset Cinema in North Sydney is like

Sunset Cinema North Sydney THE F 3

There are few things in life that are as sacred as going to the cinema, and getting a choc top to merrily munch on during the previews. There is also nothing quite like sitting under the stars on a warm summer’s night and feeling the breeze in your Maybelline locks. Put the two together and […]

The only way to impress your date in Sydney this season

Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema

Nothing says you’re trying to woo a date quite like a romantic movie on a picturesque hillside overlooking a glorious city, now does it? Throw in a comfy seat, some cushions that are nothing but comfort and a butler who brings you food and drink all night and you’re set. Well now, if Aussia mattress […]

Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinema Is Back For 2016

Back for the summer, the classic Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinema is coming back to Sydney and you need to go. Last year, Aussies that attended the Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinema consumed over 160,000 scoops of ice-cream (because why wouldn’t you?) and enjoyed all the movies of the season. This year, they’re back and […]