Jamaica Blue: go behind-the-beans with Head of Coffee, Jeremy Regan

Jamaica Blue Media Roastery Tour coffee cup machine

Jamaica Blue has been around for twenty odd years and they are showing no signs of slowing down. It’s probably down to all that coffee they’re about. Sourcing from hither and thither, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, Ethiopia and other such gloriously exotic places, these beans have been intrepidly hunted down and we get to be […]

Barista Brilliance At The Touch Of A Button by DeLonghi

Living in Melbourne, it is almost impossible not to be a little bit of a coffee snob. After sampling some of the finest coffee around town, coming home to Nescafe and hot water doesn’t sound all that appealing. So when DeLonghi brought their barista-less café to Melbourne, there was no way I was going to […]