Model Files: Colin Huston

Why modelling? It’s fun! Every day is never the same. What is the best thing about being a male model? The people you get to meet and work with and the challenge to work out the best way to model whatever it is you’re being paid to. What demands does modelling place on you physically […]

Model files: Tom Davidson, Giant Management

Why modelling? I finished playing professional football in 2006 and was dating Tess Thompson at the time, she convinced me to go to Cameron’s Agency and get some shots done. I’ve been working steadily since then. What is the best thing about being a male model? The opportunity to travel with work, meeting interesting creative […]

Model files: Alexander Borst

Coming from Tasmania, Alex Borst has hit all sorts of heights in his personal and professional development as a model that have led him around the world to live and work in heaps of different environments with heaps of different people. A demanding career move, he says modelling has opened him up to experiences he’ll […]