Need A New Bag? The Original Satchel Store Will Help You Out

There are very few retail brands out there in the world who have so directly and successfully carved themselves a niche that has worked so well for them, right? If most of the brands’ names aren’t confusing enough as to what they do, followed-by where exactly they fit in the world, there’s no denying that the […]

Tailfeather leather in the bathroom

Tailfeather is a luxurious high-end leather and canvas product label who are known for their bags, wallets and belts. They’ve teamed-up with online shaving retailer Men’s Biz to produce and create a luxury travel toiletries bag for men, opening them up even more to the world of self-care. Tailfeather was founded by a husband and […]

It’s all about the bags: Jacki Anderson

Adding exclusivity to beauty, Jacki Anderson works her magic in the craft that has seen her name adorn the shoulders and hands of many a Melburnian woman for practicality and aesthetic stupor. With a unique aesthetic all her own and an arsenal of uniquely textured fabrics and leathers that she employs to add a certain […]