Johnnie Walker’s first Blue Label ‘Ghost and Rare’ release

Johnnie Walker whiskey blue glasses

For any whiskey connoisseur, there’s a thrill of excitement that comes with getting to have a sip of something truly rare. Not just, ‘top shelf at the local pub, $15 a glass’ rare, but once-in-a-lifetime rare; a whiskey that’s either made in very small quantities, comes from extremely far away, or has even stopped being […]

Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Red Rye Finish

Think fine dining and then forget it. It won’t cut it with what we’re about to get into. What Johnnie Walker serves up in their new blend of experimental whisky, their ‘Blenders’ Batch Red Rye Finish’ is fine dining, past your expectations, around the corner of your Monday afternoon daydreams and beyond the mount of […]

The new $997 John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2016 Edition Luncheon

There’s not much that so tantalises the senses as the mysterious nectar they call whisky. Wild, smoky and beautiful, akin to the bleak rolling hills of the Highlands from whence it originally hailed, it has intrigued and allured the senses of many a man in its wake. Type in the Scottish highlands into Google and […]

John Walker & Sons Private Collection in Australia

Recently, leading international whisky expert Dave Broom launched the highly exclusive John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2015 Edition in Australia at a private dinner held at The Olsen in Melbourne, overlooking the city skyline. Never have you thought anyone could know quite so much about whisky until you hear Broom speak about what clearly has […]

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Room at The Stables, Sydney

By Claudia Wood.  A fine whisky is a sensory experience. It’s the smoothness of the texture, the delicate, smokey aroma and the rich, maritime flavour that extends over your palette. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a fine whisky. Made from one barrel in every ten thousand this expensive label in the Johnnie Walker collection is […]

Johnnie Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee Event

Just before spring sprung, Sydney hosted a soiree of epic proportions to celebrate many of the city’s inhabitants’ favourite pastime: drinking. They celebrated it with one of the only staples a gentlemanly gentleman should have in his wide array of finely aged whiskies; Johnnie Walker Diamond Scotch Whiskey; and in the presence of Johnnie Walker & […]