Table 19 Anna Kendrick

How ‘Table 19’ movie is all of us at weddings

You know the feeling. Sure, it’s great to be invited to the wedding of your BFF, family, other friend, that random who you went to secondary school with who needs seat fillers or someone from work with no friends of their own… But is it, really?

The adorably ridiculous new movie starring Ann Kendrick (Pitch Perfect), Table 19 is out now and explores exactly that concept. Throw in an ex-relationship to muddy the water and a wedding crasher with a surprise of his own and you have the storyline of the ultimate movie about being a dysfunctional wedding guest at a dysfunctional wedding. Oh, the humanity.

Alongside Friends veteran Lisa Kudrow, and other cast members like Craig Robinson, Stephen Merchant and the adorable June Squibb, Table 19 is an easy-to-watch hilariously farfetched story you can 100% relate to.

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Image: 20th Century Fox

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