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By Henry Ng. 

As a token of appreciation and to share its passion for denim and craftsmanship with its clients, G-Star introduces the RAW Tailored Atelier. Customers can book in for a private appointment to personalise a pair of G-Star Red listing denim jeans, selecting their choice of button, rivets and back labels.

Offering a unique experience, what makes it even more exceptional is the professional G-Star tailor who will talk you through the process as you witness him putting together the personalised jeans. Clients choose between the men’s (straight fit) or women’s (slightly slimmer version) 3301 five-pocket selvedge denim and the tailor will take in the hem accordingly, fit in the rivets and buttons, sew on the back label and pack it in an exclusive RAW Tailored Atelier canvas bag. Machineries and technical terms are expounded, putting sense into the denim queries you have always wanted to ask.

GStar’s atelier can be found at: 

Wed 4th September – Sun 8th September Chatswood; Level 3 Westfield Chatswood, Sydney
Wed 11th September – Sun 15th September Charlestown; Level 2, Charlestown Square, Charlestown

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Red stitching is used in this tailored 3301 series to accentuate the personalised craftsmanship and the use of raw denim ensures the jeans will transform and age accordingly to how you wear it. Marks and lines from your wallet, key-ring and mobile phone will start forming and these irregularities essentially become your personal depth and structure.

G-Star has been in the business since 1989 and is still one of the major players in the denim industry. Brands are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to take their business to the next level and G-Star has nailed it with the RAW Tailored Atelier, going back to basics and starting with the customers.

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Images courtesy of Henry Ng. See more at his blog, Street Style Poser.

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