Sydney Turns Red For August With Campari Rediscover Red

July, August and the cold is no match for the illustrious Campari. Yet getting real for a mo, these bitterly crisp months have been dragging on forever. The unrelenting cold has gripped us fiercely, even more dramatically than the Game of Thrones fever that made winter the ‘oh so trending thang’. Well by gum, with our shivering frames, never ending layers and through the roof electricity bills, something had to happen, something had to be done.

Pouring a shot of campari for a cocktail

Who would bring the fire? Who would bring the zing-a-ting-ting to warm our more frozen bods that rival Jack and Rose on that fateful night? Why Campari, that deliciously Italian beverage would come to soothe our needs and ensure survival.


Campari, it’s bringing the heat. It’s bringing the flavour. It’s bringing the red. And it’s certainly going about painting the town with it.


Yes we said Italian. Bless you Italy, you’ve brought us pizza, splendid art and the artform of having a fabulous great time. But they certainly haven’t been complacent. Compari is here to shake things up. Campari is Italian and it brings all of the fire that those vibrant Italians have been owning for centuries. For the full experience, the picture needs to be painted. Milano. At the height of summer. The sizzling heat has made everyone don not much, Versace short, shorts and crop tops abound, as gorgeous human beings strut around with larger than life sunglasses. What could possibly satisfy these ethereal human beings? Gin? No, it doesn’t quite cut it. Vodka? It doesn’t find the right note. But, oh, la, la, what saunters forward?


Campari. It knows style, it knows flair and it damn well knows how to make a delicious cocktail. Hitting its stride in the cocktail form, these are beverages that you have to try before you can claim a solid cocktail game. The Negroni classico, made with Campari, Bulldog Gin, Cinzano Rosso and dehydrated orange is a drink with punch that utilizes taste- notes of tang, depth and bitters to culminate in an experience that is both bold and refreshing.


Yet the cocktail that’ll have your post work self sighing with such gratefulness your colleagues will ‘want what she’s having’, is the Milano Torina Via Bondi. A drink that takes its inspiration from a partnership of cultures, the experience of this cocktail is one to be remembered for the ages. Part Sicilian style Campari Granita, Cinzano Rosso and Fresh Raspberries, sweetness and bitters have never known a more loving relationship. And what better synergy to channel straight on into your awaiting palate?


Campari and all it’s tangy goodness has set up residency at The Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale. An extensive host of Campari inspired deliciousness and innovation awaits your adventurous and most deserving palate. Head on down to claim you Italian experience while you’re awaiting your annual leave and that European vacay.


Campari Liquor and Glasses


And of course, like the ever jovial and social Italians, Campari is most willing to bring the merriment and high spirits to our homes. Shown how to make a Negroni, the illustrious drink of Milano, it seems almost too easy to whip up refreshing rejuvenation in a glass at home. The Italian bar tender flamboyantly whips up three fingers; Campari! Bulldog Gin! Cinzano Rosso! This is all you need, he valiantly exhorts! He measures out two fingers worth of each, stirs and presto, a Negroni is born. Campari it seems can be enjoyed without ever stepping out of the house. A good thing for those blustery nights we’ve been battling.





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