Sydney Swans presents its Hero Campaign (sponsored)

It’s not every day you can fan girl right out and have a favourite Australian football star come chauffeur you around, clean your house, prepare your dinner or run any other sort of errand you need done; until now.

All in an effort to give back to the fans of Sydney’s AFL football team, the Sydney Swans, the team is rolling up its sleeves and putting itself on the line at its fans beckon call.

By introducing the Volkswagen Fan Support campaign, the team has a real opportunity to show their fans, just how much their appreciate, support and are a proud of them, too. It’s a nice way of connecting Sydney Swans fans with the players and building those connections that will last a lifetime for new fans, and for the rest of the lives of older fans.

So, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Whether it’s old Nanna’s ceiling lights that need dusting, holding your position in a queue or delivering that mid-afternoon round of hot chips, the Sydney Swans Volkswagen Fan Support team is onto it when and where they’re needed.

It’s an hilarious and simple process for which any fan of the Sydney Swans AFL team can get in on. By simply logging onto the Volkswagen Australia website and placing a request anything will be fulfilled prior to the footy season. Bear in mind, they won’t do anything inappropriate or life-threatening; they do still have a Premiership to win after all!

The Sydney Swans and Volkswagen Fan Support system is all about building and reinforcing the relationships the football team has with old and new fans.

If you’re feeling friendly, be sure to check out the Sydney Swans shenanigans on their Facebook page.

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are our own. 

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