Vizio Cafe e Cucina Sydney restaurant

Sydney’s most stylish Italian restaurant, Vizio Cafe e Cucina is open

Vizio Cafe e Cucina is one of those places so refined, but without the alienation of an up-market restaurant that it singly has the power to reinvent your opinions of Sydney food and restaurant culture.

Vizio Cafe e Cucina Sydney front

It’s new. Very new. Almost two months new and looks and feels it – but don’t let that discourage you.

The menu is sublime and completely all-encompassing, offering phenomenal Italian dishes, inspired by centuries of Italian fare, served by a team of Italian waiters and waitresses who not only know their stuff, but add to the whole experience in a fantastic way.

Vizio Cafe e Cucina Sydney .scallops

It’s a restaurant on William Street, down the city end of the strip that fills a void in quality food and drink offerings, extending from the hotspot that is Stanley Street restaurants. Their wine menu is far-reaching and rich, selected equally to represent basically the best of Italian and overseas wines as well as complement every item on the menu from the kitchen’s gourmet charcuterie board to the pumpkin gnocchi and beyond.

Vizio Cafe e Cucina Sydney pumpkin gnocchi

The menu is created with rich yet subtle Italian flavours in-mind. They’re passionate about their product and it shows.

Enhanced only by the clean, earthen-inspired decor, trendy streetside frontage and warming and welcoming interior, wide and open, allowing the presentation and fragrance of the fare speak louder than any written menu ever could, the Vizio Cafe e Cucina way is clearly one of style and taste for everyone.

See more at the Vizio Cafe c Cucina website.

Vizio Cafe e Cucina restaurant table

Vizio Cafe e Cucina Sydney aperol gelati



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