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Good news for The Establishment Hotel in Sydney

If you live in or visit Sydney, you would have heard of The Establishment Hotel and live by anecdotes of its awesomeness for a cocktail after work, or as a cruise ground for corporate types on a ties-off Friday. Good thing, too, because the place has just been named the best hotel in Sydney.

According to Hotels Combined, the Merivale venue is worthy of the Recognition of Excellence Award 2017 and it’s easy to see why.

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Located in the CBD, the Establishment Hotel offers something different when it comes to outstanding customer satisfaction, which was a big drawcard for them on nabbing the title. The evaluation goes insofar as many other categories of judgement, like customer ratings, the absence of recurring unresolved issues, blogs, forums and social media posts, to help the judges decide. Apparently everyone loves The Establishment.

The unique analysis by HotelsCombined’s team of data experts means that the Recognition of Excellence Awards  are based on criteria including  quality and consistency of guest reviews, customer ratings, the absence of recurring or unresolved issues, blogs, forums and social media posts. Finalists and winners are representative of the highest standards in the industry, averaging 9.7 out of a possible 10 points, compared to the industry standard of 7.2, placing them within the top three per cent of hotels worldwide.

“The awards allow winning hotels to stand out from their competitors, especially in crowded tourist areas with lots of accommodation options. Customer service is an excellent measure of success in the hotel industry, and the awards also provide a reliable benchmark for prospective customers to use when booking accommodation, said Chris Rivett, marketer at HotelsCombined.

Establishment Sydney Merivale THE F


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