The Only Sydney Men’s Grooming Salon You Need To Know: Emporium Barber

The guys from Brisbane who brought the sunny city their first instalment of Emporium Barber have taken it south to Bondi Beach in Sydney where men’s grooming is paramount. And who’s not glad they did?

They offer something new with a particularly chill vibe that kind of makes you want to keep going back. The people are friendly, they know their stuff and can cut a mean fade.

Top that off with the fact they also offer a shampoo and condition for your ‘do, a cutthroat shave and a therapeutic and relaxing facial option – all combined known as ‘the works’ ($90) – you know you’ve found a good thing. With a barista on-staff and a perpetually spick-and-span looking set of six seats and four barbers working at any one time, it’s a system that just works.

They average about 70+ guys a day. That’s a lot of hair. But with a team who’re more-than-competent with what they offer and how they do it, there’s no surprise they can turn it out.

Emporium Barber stocks apparently uncountable options when it comes to products, too, in addition to their services. Stocking pomades, powders, potions and paraphernalia to do all sorts of grooming tasks on any part of the body, they’re kitted out to the nines.

All with an aesthetic that’s as gentlemanly sophisticated as it is beachside-relaxed, it’s a welcoming space you’re welcome to regardless of size, shape, hair problems and challenges you present them. It’s nice.


We had a chat with Trent, the guy behind the barber and this is what he had to say about all things ‘grooming’…

What is your favourite thing about men’s grooming and why?

For me my favourite thing is that it’s so much more than just men’s grooming. I personally think that it’s about men growing as men. Men are now being afforded opportunities that allow them to feel comfortable enough to take care of themselves. Men can now open up and chat about beauty and style, a topic that in the past has been off limits to fellas. We offer an open community I suppose. I also enjoy the fact that men can gain confidence through grooming and style. I love when you see a guy walk out after a cut with a little more pep in their step, and the look in their eyes that they can take on the world. But perhaps my favourite thing about grooming is that it’s becoming more than just grooming. It’s about offering men what they want and need. A haircut is more than a haircut. In some ways it can be a form of escape or perhaps relaxation, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

Tell us in your own words about The Emporium Barber, Bondi.

It’s our third store, our biggest so far and perhaps most important in terms of the future growth of our business. We were lucky to be able to design the store with a lot more structural freedom than our two existing Brisbane stores. It was very important to feature all parts of our business, the coffee at the front, the barber shop being the bulk of the space and of course our retail component. The space itself is a blend between manliness, style and relaxation.

When clients come to us, they’re not just coming for a haircut; it’s about experiences, it’s about so much more than just the hair.

Why do you think there was a need for a trendy men’s barber on Bondi?

Bondi seems to be going through a resurgence at the moment, with developments such as Pacific leading the way. I believe men’s grooming is undergoing much the same, so why not combine them?

There was a hole in the market when we opened our first store four and a half years ago. We saw that same hole in Bondi.

Men want more, they want an experience, just like their wives and girlfriends do at the salon or the spa – though they just might not want to talk about it too loudly. They want it at a convenient time, in a convenient place. In short, they want a bespoke experience that is designed for them. Catering to this need is the ethos of The Emporium Barber.

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