Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema

The only way to impress your date in Sydney this season

Nothing says you’re trying to woo a date quite like a romantic movie on a picturesque hillside overlooking a glorious city, now does it?

Throw in a comfy seat, some cushions that are nothing but comfort and a butler who brings you food and drink all night and you’re set.

Well now, if Aussia mattress operation Koala has anything to do with it, it’s completely a legitimate and doable option for your next day, or bonding-with-mates movie night over in Sydney’s Castle Hill.

The Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema is back this season from 12 January, offering something new: Koala Klass!

They’ll be providing a bed wide enough to seat four people (or two if you prefer), blankets, pillows, the famous Koala mattress itself, as well as your very own butler to keep you stocked with snacks and drinks throughout your chosen movie.

Talk about easy ;)

Here are the details:

WHO & WHEN: Koala Klass from Thursday 12th January 2017 – Sunday 12th February 2017.

WHAT: Luxury king sized bed seating and butler service provided by Koala mattress.

WHERE: Sydney Hills Outdoor Cinema: Heritage Park, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154.

HOW TO BUY: Buy here.


KOALA’S FAVOURITES: Pretty Woman, Fantastic Beasts, And Where To Find Them, Moana, Passengers and The Arrival.





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