New Date Venue? Try Bouche On Bridge

You know how sometimes you find those little hidden gems in the firmament of a city’s restaurant, food and be offering that baffle you as to how nothing like it existed in your life before?

Yeah, well, Bouche on Bridge is that.


Located centrally, right near Wynyard Station, on Bridge Street is the new restaurant – complete with fresh woody smell and brand new crockery – that is a new ‘must try’ in Sydney.

It was founded by Emma Darrouzet who came to the restaurant idea with the chef, from a very different walk of life. She had dedicated her life to good work in education, but upon meeting her colleague and co-founder, Harry Stockade-Powell on a chance diving trip, the pair decided that to tick off ‘owning a restaurant’ from their bucket list was drive enough to tackle the Sydney market.

It’s a two-and-a-half level restaurant and eating powerhouse, designed to cater for enough group tables or those for two than you’d prepare yourself for. A bar downstairs underneath the restaurant floor offers cosy, romantic nooks, dark-lit corners and delicious dark wood surfaces to warm you up before the industrially-chic interior style of the restaurant itself.


Its mezzanine plays host to the kitchen, where a team led by chef Harry Stockdale-Powell churns out food that has to be seen and tried to be believed.

Think a modern take on European fare. Served on a unique range of crockery that sports a very Japanese feel, wholesome breads with unique blends of butter, an amuse-bouche style serving style and rich, hearty flavours complete the super expensive menu.

Complete with in-house sommelier, the wines are perfectly matched with each dish and served in Riedel glasses, honing-in on bringing out the flavours of whichever dish you deem to be yours with each sitting.















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