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What a date night at the Sunset Cinema in North Sydney is like

There are few things in life that are as sacred as going to the cinema, and getting a choc top to merrily munch on during the previews. There is also nothing quite like sitting under the stars on a warm summer’s night and feeling the breeze in your Maybelline locks. Put the two together and you get Sunset Cinema at North Sydney and all-round bliss.

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The silver screen is finally where it needs to be, nestled between rustling leaves and underneath our A+ Southern hemisphere sky. Of course we wouldn’t be expected to just sit our bottoms down. The people behind Sunset cinema have know what needs to be done to bring about the really goods times. Two words. Bean bags. It’s all in the beanbags. Included in your ticket price is the access to one of man’s greatest inventions and it just keeps getting better. Orthodox cinema chairs are comfy yes, but do they mould to your every whim? No! The bean bag on the other hand can be nudged and elbowed into the optimal shape for your bod.

And as for food, well. The organisers behind Sunset Cinema have curated a gorgeous gaggle of stalls with tasty treats to satisfy the palette. From organic salted popcorn to a good old European vintage red, your little patch of opulence can be realised with flair.

All you’re called on to do is place your bean bag (or low camping chair brought from home) in the position that tickles your fancy, plonk yourself down and send someone to secure the drinks. It may take a little prodding and tossing to mould the bean bag to your exact desires but it is so worth it. Whether you’re seeing the epically emotional and geographical Lion or a film with super heroes galore, there’s nothing like laying back in utter comfort, munching on the latest organic snack, sipping your red, feeling that breeze go by and being mesmerised by some of the most talented visionaries in film.

It’s so worth it. Get yourself to Sunset Cinema before the season ends!

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