Sunglass Hut summer 2017 collection women

Sunglass Hut has a new summer range of shades and they’re nice

Sunglass Hut are one of the leading global retailers of sunnies and this season, they have partnered with local creatives to make some magic.

Sunglass Hut summer 2017 collection girls

A photographer and artist duo, Ted O’Donnell and Vicki Lee have joined the brand to showcase the latest Sunglass Hut collection in an explosion of Australian summer vibes.

This season’s campaign is all about the essence of Australian summer – bloody hot, dry days, spent near the water or outside enjoying it.

“We wanted to create a look and feel that was reminiscent of the iconic summer photography that we all grew up with, but in a modern way,” said Ted and Vicki.

What’s on-trend this season? The mirrored lens is still around, but now with more of an open structure to set it apart from previous seasons.

Sunglass Hut summer 2017 collection men

“The key trend that you will see continuing this Summer is mirrored lenses. evolving on from previous seasons, we are seeing bright, colourful mirror sunglasses in tones of rose, silver, aqua, bronze and purple from brands,” said buying director Francesca Pezzutto.

See more at the Sunglass Hut website.

Sunglass Hut summer 2017 collection woman

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