Summer in Winter with GlowStation

Melbourne winter can be brutal. If you are one who is more accustomed to a bronzed glow during the summer months than the kiss of the moon during winter, this can be a tough time of year.

Unless of course, you pay a visit to new player to the fake tan game in Melbourne, Glowstation.

Normally, most of us would be reaching for the fake tan bottle around this season, or for a special occasion perhaps donning the paper thong for a spray tan. If you’ve experienced it before, you’d agree that there aren’t many things more awkward than a spray tan, standing in a booth making small talk with a beautician who is spraying your near naked body with a murky mist.

Let’s face it, we don’t love the experience but it has to be done and there is now an easier way.

Glowstation is situated within Melbourne’s CBD and run by Melbourne local Jo Hart who brought this innovative technology back home with her all the way from New York City.

Glowstation is a beautician free booth that sprays you with a colourless, odourless mist in the privacy of your own cubicle. The thought of an empty booth spraying you is a little daunting thanks to the scene from Friends where Ross Geller counts ‘mississippilessley ‘ and ends up looking like he has been directly to the sun and back. Owner Jo Hart is familiar with this scene and ensures tanners that the experience is nothing like its Friends counterpart.

I was lucky enough to sample the Glowstation experience for myself and found the experience so easy and so quick. The privacy of my own booth was great and the instructions provided by the machine were really simple and easy to follow, the instructions are given slowly and clearly and the whole experience was over in less than two minutes.

The idea behind Glowstation is to provide a simple and easy spray tan for the customer, you can literally pop down over your lunch break and be back in the office within half an hour. The odourless and colourless formula means you can put your clothes straight back on and go about your normal day, none of your colleagues will be aware that below your office wear a bronzed goddess is brewing.

The tan took about four hours to begin to show and 12 to fully develop, my bed sheets and clothes were completely free from tan residue and the finished product was a gorgeous natural glow.

Being brunette, I normally go for a dark shade of bronze when getting a spray tan but Jo advised me to go medium for my first time to be safe.

I was really happy with the result and found that the medium shade was perfect for my complexion and for a winter pick me up, it gave off a really nice glow without looking too fake and was an even tone all over. The experience was excellent all round and with my birthday around the corner, I will definitely be rebooking.

See more on Melbourne’s Glowstation at their website (WWW).

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