Stylish computing: The Toshiba Portégé Z10t

Launching 11 June, the Toshiba detachable Ultrabook tablet computer, the Portégé Z10t which doubles as a laptop or tablet on the Telstra Mobile Network will hit the country.

I’m normally not one to be interested in IT and computing, but it’s about time the Apple iPad had a decent competitor that offered something other than just tablet computing.


The new Portégé Z10t is Australia’s first Windows 8 Pro tablet with built-in 4G connectivity. I’m yet to experience 4G magic – on all accounts it really not worth all the hype – but the fact that it has accessibility to it where others don’t is enough of a selling point to pique people’s interest, I’m sure.

The Portégé Z10t comes with a detachable backlit keyboard dock and a powerful Intel processor, which makes it a convenient Ultrabook computer that transforms easily into a tablet. It also offers additional things that something like the iPad and Galaxy tablets don’t such as email, calendars and Office documents, between their home, office and when they are on the move, making it perfect for travelling businessmen, bloggers, writers, photographers and anything that needs something quick, easy, lightweight and practical with a cool visual edge.


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