Style Guide For The Tall Man With Plus 2 Clothing

A few beers one afternoon and the inherent nature of simply being tall and skinny gave birth to Australia’s own home-grown menswear label, Plus 2 Clothing that caters for the taller and more slender of frame dudes out there.

It is an urban streetwear brand that specialises in longer length t-shirts and apparel, celebrating what it means to have more limb than most and still look good while doing it.

They wanted the right fit, quality material, and some cool designs, without the excessive price tag. Since it didn’t exist, the beer helped in deciding it was time to design some up themselves. The rest is history and what you’re left with is a great range of urban wear that, yes, is catered to tall people, but can also be worn by most.

Here are their bits and THIS is the website to get some for yourself.

Ain’t nobody got time for Zubats on Mondays ?? #hoodiedays #mondays #tallhoodie #streetwear #pizzaday #comfyaf #teamcozy #ootd

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Thanks to the guys at Plus 2 Clothing they are offering 10% off their 2016 range of tall hoodies to our readers. The discount code is “thefcomau” and is valid until the end of August 2016.







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