Stoneleigh’s Wonder of Nature in the heart of Melbourne

There is in Melbourne the little leafy and alcohol-fuelled suburb of St. Kilda, known well for the varying degrees of lifestyle and entertainment it plays home to on any given week day or weekend.

Metropol is one such bar in St Kilda, which is perfect for the typical Sunday Session afternoon in summer thanks in large part to its outdoor courtyards and big expanses, perfect for adaptation into whatever whim and fancy any event designer feels.

Wine label Stoneleigh by Marlborough Wines caught onto this and has transformed the place into a suspended garden with a summery atmosphere that brings to life in the heart of Melbourne’s urban sprawl, the essence of the Marlborough wine region.

Here until February, visitors can sip Stoneleigh wines alongside canapes and the works, with DJs and entertainment in an area that replicates perfectly the conditions and layout of the Stoneleigh vineyards.

Designed by Steve Cordony, the environment is as much natural as it is urban. “Working with nature has always been a passion of mine and I loved the challenge of capturing New Zealand’s natural beauty. Stoneleigh Metro offers Australians an environment where they can escape the daily grind and relax while enjoying a glass of wine. With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect venue to appreciate nature.”

Metropol Melbourne Fitzroy Street St Kilda Stoneleigh 1

Metropol Melbourne Fitzroy Street St Kilda Stoneleigh 2

Metropol Melbourne Fitzroy Street St Kilda Stoneleigh 3

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