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The STM Trilogy backpack makes life three times easier

Look, we all hate travelling to work. It’s a fair call that even those people who live directly across the road from the office, struggle to get up in the morning.

STM Triloy backpack black side

But, it’s kind of a known fact that if you get yourself something new to play with or add to your either super short, or super long commute to work, you enjoy it that bit more, so, why wait?

The new backpack by STM Brands, the Trilogy, is one such thing that makes getting up and heading into your day a touch nicer.

STM Triloy backpack black front

It’s durable, spacious, comes in some pretty contemporary Scandi colours and has enough pockets to hold even the most unnecessary of things you want to take with you.

The bag comes complete with three main exterior pockets with three additional pockets of internal mesh, external drop, overflow stash and all the bells n’ whistles that sorts out the most contemporary demands on the back-carrying of us all.

The Trilogy is named so because of this clever ‘good things comes in threes’ approach to its design and myriad uses from the office, to the beach, and just life in general. Oh and it comes in three colours. Designed to fit your lifestyle, they consider it a triumph of functionality and style and so will you.

STM Triloy backpack navy front

See more about it at the STM Trilogy website.

STM Triloy backpack grey front

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