Spring Racing taking us to Germany

Never before have I wanted to strap on my lieterhosen and slap my thighs quite as hard until now, when I discovered that this year’s Emirates Marquee theme at the birdcage is based on Germany.

Playing on the cultural diversity of Germany and amping-up the fairy-tale influence of the country thanks to its ancient castles and medieval undertones, the Victorian Racing Club has again joined forces with Emirates for the 17th year to fit-out their principal marquee with German-inspired festivities.

Celebrating the Emirates airline’s expansive German routes on offer, luxurious food, alcohol, entertainment and the most prime of views the racetrack in Flemington will be on offer thanks to the airline.The Emirates marquee will this year bring German culture in food, drink and traditional Bavarian dancing to the crowds.

The marquee will be decked-out in a fairy-tale façade of Germany’s most famous architectural icon – Neuschwanstein Castle, complete with turrets, flags and towers – as well as taking inspiration from the 2014 Berlin International Design Festival.

The marquee will feature bright pieces of furniture to pop against the crisp, fresh interior; a surprising mix of tradition with bold design strokes. Far from biergartens and bratwurst – the interior of the marquee will honour a cool and contemporary Germany, with exquisite detailing and exceptional finishes.

As always, the Emirates marquee will host the Birdcage’s only fully serviced, sit-down restaurant, with 10 qualified chefs working over the four days to cater to guests, while the process is managed and overseen by the trained eye of Head Chef, Tony Cimmino.

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