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Spring Racing. Did someone say ‘drinks’?

The time for Spring Racing prep is here. Get the suit out of the cupboard, polish the shoes, purchase the new dress, place some odd-looking piece of millinery in your hair, the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle.

But for those who’re playing it low-key and playing host either at home or out, planning what to wear is as important as planning what to drink!

We’ve taken the hard work out of it all for you and gathered some of the newest products to the market to make your head as fuzzy as the jockey’s come Cup Day.


Vodka O premixes strawberry

Vodka O Craft Premixes

Inspired by trends in premix drinks and some favourite drink recipes of the brand’s co-founders, the Vodka O premixes are a nicely balanced flavour combination, perfect for a refreshing spring day.

Having been blended with herbs and spices, the drinks are less fizzy than their cheaper quality counterparts and taste like the ingredients they’re made from – talk about a first!

Retailing at $17.99, they can be found at leading bottle shops.

La Mascara

La Mascara Beverage Co.

With roots in the city social life of Melbourne and pioneered by Australian TV’s hottest new project, the Real Housewives of Melbourne, Jackie Gillies with her partner in crime Ben Gillies, La Mascara is on point for the silly season.

With a range of three premixed cocktails, RTDs, vodka, tequila and now with a ‘high tea’ variety, this drink range is perfect for the punter by the beach to the most refined of the birdcage.


Spirits & Cocktails


Suntory Melbourne Hibiki Whisky

Suntory Yamakazi Highball

The Suntory Hibiki whisky fine Japanese whisky aged for 12 years that’ll set you back about $100 can be turned so smoothly into a refreshing spring highball cocktail, it’s so obviously Japanese.


Highball glass

Build over ice 1 gentle stir


30ml Hakushu DR

100ml Schweppes soda

Garnish with a mint leaf

Tequila Blu high res image rrp $47.95

Tequila Blu

Created using 100% blue agave grown in four distinct regions of Mexico, Tequila Blu is a perfectly balance tequila that tastes just like tequila should.

After having sat for six months then cold-filtered, the honey and vanilla flavours of the spirit are a beautiful touch to something that’s only gonna make watching the horses that much more exciting.

Retailing at $47.95, this is one bottle that’s high on the list.

Suntory Hibiki Whisky 3

Suntory Hibiki Perrier

Suntory Whisky is inspired by the Japanese gastronomic palate – subtle, refined, complex and delicate to accompany Japanese Whisky. Hakushu is a fresh Japanese Whisky from Japan’s mountain distillery and is best paired with seafood, citrus and mint, perfect in this perrier.

Get the drink:

Highball glass

15-20ml Hibiki 12yrs

Top with Perrier sparkling mineral water (75-90mls)

Tip: Keep the Hibiki 12 in the freezer overnight to give it a syrupy texture.


Wines and Sparkling


Jacob's Creek Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

Jacobs Creek Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

They say the flavour of this Jacobs Creek Cool Harvest Sauvignon Blanc drop is achieved by picking the grapes in the dead of night and by minimising skin contact. The truth behind that I’m not sure, but the taste speaks louder than any story ever could.

Fresh, crisp, fruity and perfect for spring, this is the wine for in-the-sun consumption.

At bottle shops for about $13 a bottle, you can’t go wrong.

Paul Louis

Paul Louis Pink Label

Coming in at $22.99 per bottle, you can easily accumulate a nice little collection of this affordable French sparkling wine by Paul Louis. With roots in the Loire Valley, 10 minutes from Champagne in France, this drop is definitely one to get the race goers getting.


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