Why you need to throw your next potluck dinner with Sonos and Spotify

If, like me, you’re one of majority of people that is looking forward to an epic Friendsmas this year (and moreso than your actual awkward Christmas lunch with the extended family) then you’ll be no doubt wanting to make sure that you have the following key ingredients: friends, food, drink and music.

Enter Sonos, who have commissioned an in-depth global study of adults aged 18-40 across the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australian and the Netherlands on their musical habits with some very interesting results which can be found here with some cool infographics if you care.


The overwhelming majority of respondents agreed that there has to be music playing at any gathering of friends for events such as a Friendsmas party. In fact, just narrowly behind good company and conversation, music was deemed to be the next most important factor that determines the mood, as well as providing the soundtrack to all of the mayhem and fun that occurs at any self-respecting party.


With music now playing such an integral role in our lives, the folks at Sonos have decided to concentrate their efforts into enhancing our musical experience into the best and most seamless possible.

Sonos, as well as making absolutely killer speakers have also designed an app with a beautiful interface that is easy to navigate and use. You can queue your songs, change the order, and edit your playlists with complete ease. You can source your music from your phone, but also (and this is where these speakers really shine) through linking different streaming services to your Sonos account. Currently all Spotify users can utilise this feature (free and Premium) which opens up your music library to pretty much anything you can think of. Another great feature is that if your phone rings while you’re playing music, it won’t interrupt your tunes, you can take a phone call, walk out of the building and the music will still continue to play.

They’ve also decided to make your speakers even more intelligent and attuned to their surroundings by allow you to tune them to the room that they’re in. After setting up your network, your speakers will then map out your room and deduce where to project sound and automatically tune itself to give you the best possible listening experience. You can also connect multiple speakers to the same network around the house and then synchronise them to all play music wherever you need them to. It truly is an essential to any house party and will allow you to blast your Christmas cheer through to every room.


Speaking of the whole house party and Friendsmas theme, the virtuosos at Sonos have packed their speakers with a feature which allows for music to be more interactive and inclusive for you and your guest through a cool concept called the Pot Luck Playlist. The idea is that in the lead up to a party, or even just a small dinner, you can send a link to friends which will allow you and all of your invitees to add songs to the playlist to be played later at the party. It’s a simple and effective tool that allows everyone to contribute and be involved in setting the mood and having their time to shine. If someone does however overdo it on Mariah this Christmas (not possible), you are able to edit the playlist and reorder the songs from the sit-down lunch friendly Christmas Carols and then build up to house music from 2004-2006 (as I did – because this is when House music peaked).

What the wunderkinds at Sonos have set out to achieve is truly visionary, no other speaker or music service offers this kind of cohesive and all-encompassing musical experience. Music adds another dimension to our everyday lives and sets the tone for how we engage with those around us and this is allowing us to engage and immerse ourselves even more in music and allow it to be more involved in what we do.

It had always seemed that what could be done with speakers and an app was very limited, however the team at Sonos have completely turned that notion on its head and slapped us across the face with an impressive hit vision and creativity.

By creating these speakers with an equally extraordinary app Sonos have given us the best musical experience that they can. And it’s absolutely one that should excite everyone, we all deserve to experience music in the best way possible because this will renew your passion for music and how it can be integrated into our day to day lives.









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