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Sonos One is out and it’s shaken up wireless music

Remember when Sonos went to market with the incredible, TV, music and life-altering Sonos Playbar?

This is like that, only better.

Sonos One wireless speaker THE F bathroom

Sonos has recently launched its next gen Sonos One wireless speaker, which takes the best bits of the brand they have crafted so lovingly and makes them, well; better.

It’s got the same look as the Sonos Play:1 speakers, but with the added benefit of Amazon Alexa in-built, while maintaining voice compatibility with other voice services like Google Assistant in 2018.

Sonos One wireless speaker THE F study home office

It does the usual playing music, podcasts, audiobooks and more from more than 80 streaming services and comes-in at $299 per unit, which isn’t bad at all.

It’s a smart speaker – one of the first of its kind. It’s for music lovers for whom the quality of what they’re listening to is paramount, without compromising on the aesthetic of their home.┬áIt’s a thoughtfully designed smart speaker that unlocks voice control for the entire Sonos home sound system.

See more at the Sonos website.

Sonos One wireless speaker THE F speakers

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