New Go To Breakfast Spot? Sonoma Bakery In Rose Bay

Sonoma is synonymous with bread and all of the baked goods you’d ever want to eat, really. But did you know their breakfast is seriously one to be reckoned with.

The cafe in Rose Bay is chic in style, professional in presentation and delicious in produce. Walking in, the black & white motif of the cafe are immediately noticeable – something Sonoma has aligned itself with perfectly. The cafe is actually on a corner location so the layout is unique with the entirety of what it offers in plain view against a whole wall.

But it’s what’s on the Sonoma Bakery menu that sets Sonoma apart from the rest. Their portion sizes are generous but tasteful. From its breakfast menu, the Sonoma kitchens produce a mouthwateringly incredible smear of options.

Chilli eggs with yoghurt, pork meatballs and a tomato sauce in a terrine with slices of Sonoma sourdough are phenomenal. A Sonoma bruschetta made from tomato and feta with a poached egg, salsa verde and pancetta are like nothing you’ve eaten before while a salmon, avocado, thyme and tomato medley on more Sonoma bread straight from the oven is enough to complete your meals for the¬†day.¬†Coupled with Sonoma’s standard range of barista-made coffee, signature cinnamon scroll

Coupled with Sonoma’s standard range of barista-made coffee, signature cinnamon scroll and easy style, it’s a definite must. They have seven locations around Sydney, so be sure to check them out anywhere south of Sydney Harbour Bridge.



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